Styled Shoot at the Riverbend Country Club

Last week I got to work with some awesome vendors to put together a beautiful styled shoot at the Riverbend Country Club in Sugar Land, TX. 

Venue: Riverbend Country Club

Event Planner: Pretty Little Details 

Bride: Kasie Brewer 

Dress: BHLDN

Florist: Bramble and Bee

Hair & Makeup: Southern and Adorn'

Linens: Party Cloths

Rentals: A Finer Event

Champagne Velvet Head Chairs: A Style Collective

Calligraphy: Artful Designs by Rachel Nieman

Cakes: Rana's Kreations

Cookies: Michael's Cookie Jar


Heba+Ehaab+future big sis

This photoshoot took place at an awesome location in Katy, TX. There were so many walls and great backgrounds to use we didn't know where to start! I love how coordinated the family's outfits are. It really makes a huge difference in the photographs. Oh and the world needs to watch out for this little girl-she is going to accomplish big things :) Overall, a wonderful shoot. 

Zeena's Maternity Shoot

This was just such a lovely photoshoot. Zeena was one of those clients that knows exactly what she wants and works so well in front of the camera. The shoot went so smoothly and these two look so cute! 

Photo Montage

Before I studied photography, the only photo montage that I had heard of were the cheesy ones you find at weddings or high schools proms. Ew. However, photo montages actually date back to the 1800s and some are really quite amazing; especially when you take into account that they were merged in the dark room! 


The Lines of History

There is something so beautiful about the elderly. Their faces are so expressive. Each line, each blemish, tells a story like an expression of history. Their faces are etched with the wisdom and experience they have worked hard to earn and yet are a safe haven of calmness and love. The Hajja, as we loved to call her is someone whom I love to photograph. As soon as she realized the camera was on her, she would give a little smile and say a prayer for me. 

Peach Fuzz

One of the major things you learn as a food photographer is patience. It takes a while to find the perfect meal components, then match them with dish-ware and style the plate just so it looks perfectly appetizing. It is a process that is both therapeutic and at times, frustrating. 

However, sometimes, you just need to step back and not get in the way of what is already perfect. When photographing fruits in their natural element, with their leaves still intact, surrounded by sunlight, the work of the photographer is minimal. Through experience, the fruit and the sunlight know exactly how to bring out the best in each other. The texture and color of these peaches was brought out in such a perfect way without disturbing their natural beauty and allowing the viewer's eyes to feel the fuzz on the fruit and the sharpness of the leaves. It presents an image of calm that even the shutter of the camera tries not to disrupt as it attempts to capture that which can only be described as perfection.