- Ndaa Hassan , Fashion Blogger/ Marketing Director

-Ndaa Hassan, Fashion Blogger/ Marketing Director

"Family portraits, blog photos, runway shows, outfits-of-the-day, you name it, Tasneem's photography has been a part of it. The first time I worked with Tasneem was during my very first fashion show that took place in Dallas, TX in 2012. Since then, Tasneem's photography has been a part of every major event in my life.

I've used Tasneem for my family portraits, 2 fashion shows, my fashion blog photos and career development seminars. I've interacted with tens of photographers but I always find my way back to Tasneem. Here's why:

Photography skills: creative, sharp, crisp, bright, did I mention creative, and knows exactly the right time of the day to take pictures. She is in constant search of the latest photography techniques and actively seeks knowledge to continuously improve her skills.

Contracts and paperwork: she works off of contracts. Her contracts are very simple with no hidden fees. What you see is what you get.

The photographer: on time (by the dot), very professional, always ready with equipment, knows how to work the light, is not afraid to work with multiple lenses, can recommend locations suitable for photo session and most importantly, you don't have to do a lot of explaining.

I strongly recommend Tasneem for any of your professional/personal photography sessions. She is a very sweet and fun person to work with and knows her photography."

- Yusra Abou-Sayed

-Yusra Abou-Sayed


"Tasneem was a wonderful photographer to work with. She was patient with our children, had lots of ideas and direction for what would look best in our photos, and also took my ideas into consideration. She was flexible and accommodating and above all, so sweet!! We were very pleased with our photos."

~ Wafaa Manasrah

~Wafaa Manasrah

"I am someone who always has a designated person for all the little details in my life. My hairdresser, one go-to person. My nail salon, one go-to person. Once I find someone I like, I stick with them. Imagine my happiness and comfort when I found my go-to photographer, Tasneem. She made me want to get married again just so she can take my photos!! Too bad my husband wasn't keen on the idea. When I found her I knew she would be the one to capture all of our family milestones. She would capture us making our memories. My heart sank knowing she is no longer able to be my memory catcher, however, I am proud of her work. Her talent is remarkable and her ability to take you on a journey to capture your memories only makes her skills speak for themselves. She will work with cranky crying babies, singing and easily distracted husbands, and even my whiny stress ball that I know myself to be. All of the worries of a perfect photo melt away at seeing her final work. Her journey of capturing memories are something that I can forever look at and hold, knowing the person behind the capture did everything in her power to make sure the final product was impeccable. There is nothing better than having a great go-to photographer like Tasneem."

~Heba Badawi

~Heba Badawi

"We take a lot of family pictures pretty much every year. This was one of my favorite photo sessions ever. The pictures came out better than expected and we had a great time during the shoot. Tasneem was so patient with our toddler and when you look at the pictures you would never know that she was crying the whole time. I would definitely recommend Tasneem to anyone."

~Aisha Mohammed

~Aisha Mohammed

"Wedding planning can be stressful, time-consuming, and disappointing. After signing with Tasneem, I checked off photography on my list and concentrated on other things till the wedding day. She should up at our home on time and ready to work. The house was chaotic with everyone getting ready, but she glided in and did her job without a single fuss. She was great at interacting with the family, politely and efficiently directing us so she could get the pictures she needed.  The black and white photographs of my sister in law getting her hair and make-up done is straight out of a photo shoot.  

She delivered the finished photographs as she had scheduled and provided us with links to a very elegant website where we could access out photos digitally via password. 

I can honestly say there was not one ugly picture. My sister-in-law looked stunning and my brother handsome. Though you know some of the pictures were posed, you almost forget that because of their easy smiles and relaxed demeanors. She captured them in the moment where they forgot there was a camera and just basked in the happiness of that day. I would like to add, that I didn’t come out looking half-bad either, and I don’t photography well at all.
I guess what I’m trying to say is she gave me peace of mind in the planning phase, professionalism on the day, and satisfaction when she delivered her product."